Your Matter: The Latest Jam From Afropop Star, Mulla Rae To Feature Teni

Mulla Rae Your Matter FT Teni

Mulla Rae Your Matter FT Teni

Up-and-coming singer, Mulla Rae has the talent and grit to become one of the greatest in the industry. The 26 year old knows this. Which is why he didn’t hold himself back and gave his best when recording his latest single, Your Matter. The song which is his second official single is set for release on the 29th Of October 2021. And the most exciting part of the news is that he featured Afrobeats superstar, Teni Entertainer, on the song.

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Still considered an underground artiste by some folks, Mulla Rae, whose real name is Andrew Emmanuel, appeared on the music scene earlier this year when he dropped his debut song, Wanted. Wanted which is self-produced, was Mulla Rae’s way of saying that he wasn’t a greenhorn when it comes to making good music. The song which is distinct for its melodious tunes, hook lines, and soft-paced voice, showed that Mulla didn’t just record the song out-of-the blues. There was intentionality in the choice of words and the accompanying instrumentals. It’s no wonder the song helped Mulla to build a strong fanbase quickly, faster than other rising artistes. This is no small feat for an Afrobeat artist who declared that “his purpose in life is to create timeless music.”

Since the release of his debut song, the ears of his fans have been itching for another single or possibly an EP or album. But Mulla Rae is not one to rush things when it comes to creativity. The young artiste understands that to make music that wouldn’t just fade away in months, he has to take his time. For the past six months he has been under the radar, working on the different song ideas that has been brewing in his head. The wait has finally paid off as Mulla is set to release a song that would blow the minds of his fans and other music lovers in the country.

It is evident that Your Matter shares similar elements with Wanted, as they both talk about his “love interests.” From his songs, Mulla Rae is every Nigerian lady’s dream, that man who is ready to go to any extent to win her heart. Mulla Rae seems to have accepted the fact that he is Afrobeats latest lover boy, and he is sparing no expense in showing that he is up to the task with good vocals and gyrating lyrics.

Weeks from now, Your Matter will be made available for streaming and downloading, and would prove the fact that Nigerians shouldn’t sleep on Mulla Rae.

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