Simi & Samklef Clash Over Klef’s Obsession with Tems Backside


It’s been a while since we’ve seen a subject matter trend for two days on twitter and quite disturbingly or not, we’re concerned that the trending issue this time could be a rather private matter: singer Tems’ backside.

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Depending on how the singer decides to spin it, this could become a selling point for her and She could ride the wave of public thirst and become a sex symbol like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B before her. But then, Tems has never been one to flaunt her bod.

The fuss and craze over Tems backside comes from a clip during Wizkid’s video shoot of his internationally successful hit, ‘Essence‘ on which He features Alte singer, Tems.

For some strange reason, rather than anticipate the video, fans all over have seemed more eager to ogle singer Tems’ buttocks.

Maybe, it’s because Tems never for any reason shows her backside in her videos or photos and the more rare a thing is, the more coveted it usually becomes.

So a rare glimpse of Tems backside and a remark from Samklef to the effect, builds the crux of the ‘issue’ between Singer Simi and producer Samklef.

Simi called out veteran producer Samklef after the producer made a tweet indicating his willingness to catch a glimpse of Tems’ buttocks, which Simi thought was unbecoming behaviour of Samklef.

Samklef wasn’t very pleased with Simi’s remark and went on a verbal deluge in which he called Simi ungrateful and said a host of other unfriendly things directed at the singer.

While we think it’s a beautiful thing to appreciate the female form and in fact, appreciate it as a work of art, it becomes disturbing when an unhealthy fixation on a person’s body becomes normalised.

Samklef felt slighted by Simi’s comment and took to some rather low attempts at shaming the singer with throwback pictures of the singer.

The producer deleted the tweet shortly after, but it is not clear what he had hoped to achieve with the photograph.

Simi is yet to respond

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