Singer, designer Myro in paternity test mess, abandons lover, arrested for interrogation

If what we hear is true, then singer and designer Myro, should be a father soon. The news reaching us from an inside source is that the lady in question is determined to go the extra mile towards making sure the budding singer, accepts full responsibility of the paternity. She has gone ahead to release screenshots of her conversation between her and the singer, along with pictures of their supposed child, which she only just delivered!
According to the lady, there have been several attempts by her to reach MYRO, all attempts has been unresponsive. It seems MYRO is not ready to play dad.
Has he abandoned her?
The inside source described the singer as very randy and a player. “If there is one weakness he has, it is women.
As at press time, we have also tried to contact MYRO and his management, still no response. Should we say congratulations MYRO? We would keep you posted as it unfolds.
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