Music Has Always Been My Therapy – Famous, Cameroonian Singer, Martin’s

Famous Cameroonian singer, Tchobe Martin Armand, popularly known as Martin’s say this in his conversation with the media when asked “What’s his sad moment.

Music has always been a source of peace and love for me. However, there have been few moments of sadness in my career. The greatest was when I lost a loved one. Music will always be my therapy and help me through such difficult periods. It was in those moments that let me realize the depth of emotion that can be expressed through music whether it is joyful or otherwise.
The music star go ahead to narrates what got him into music, his journey in the music industry and his success so far;
“As an artist from Cameroon and signed under Afrobeat Productions record label. I have been passionate about music since my childhood. I can remember in my elementary school days, I already had the ability to copy a song I heard on the radio. I sang so much that my mother used to ask me where I took my voice from since there is no any musician in the family. At that time, I had no response to my mother’s question but today I can say it is simply from God. After my High school and University studies, I met my record label who saw in me something exceptional and that enabled me to present my art to the world”.

Martin’s create music to inspires, to celebrate African culture and to spread joy through our African Rhymes. He keeps believing in his dreams and follow his passion. He’s been so lucky enough to perform in many incredible places in Cameroon and abroad alongside great artists. He’s staged many opening shows both with local and international artists like Barlody Panda, Da’ju, Singila, Mala Show in 2022 at Yaffe in Yaounde, Cameroon amongst others. He has also performed in the Cloud Africa stage in Lagos, Nigeria, Trace Award in Kigali, Rwanda.

Martin’s has a trending song out known as Nobody, the song is already trending on both Tiktok and in most of the African countries. He’s having some upcoming shows towards the end of this year. He’s also working on a new project and even a bigger project at the beginning of next year. Just stay tuned his social media handles to have all his updates.

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