Hok Entertainment Company Presents Rhythm Of My Soul Album By Frontline Artiste, Kurri Popularly Known As Kurrichana

Kurrichana drops the album of the year with “Rhythm of my Soul” this records reflects the life activities of Kurri and how he reflects on his music and sound. This album is a soulful album as it has rhythms and sounds that connects with the soul.

Rythm of my soul is a body of work kurrichana has always wanted to release to his fans over the world, So they can have a feeling of his soul and be able to connect with the art. Kurrichana has dropped Pressure first as single to tease the world of what to expect from this album, Life happens to everyone on earth and we believe Kurrichana touched all aspect of life. From the name of the album you can always connect to his soul and stay rent free. 75% of the album is soulful and I hope you find the soul in it, vibe and enjoy it.


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