EP: Jojobaby – Muse

Muse EP is the second body of work by Jojobaby. Jojobaby holds on strong and better to his musical feat sonorous, chills, lyrical play and depth. As one would expect, Muse EP is a love tale of the highs and lows.

Muse EP is a good follow-up to Obsession EP. Hopefully, it is a studio album that comes through. Muse EP is constituted by 8 lovely tracks and I had no reason to skip one. In spite of the diverse sound and vibe, the synergy is fluid and seamless. Jojobaby is proof of musical ingenuity and the EP is a case study.


  1. Casanova || DOWNLOAD MP3
  2. Bum Bum || DOWNLOAD MP3
  3. Jara (feat. Terri & Ceeboi) || DOWNLOAD MP3
  4. Macaroni || DOWNLOAD MP3
  5. Far Away || DOWNLOAD MP3
  6. Tangerine (feat. Jaywillz) || DOWNLOAD MP3
  7. Shalaye || DOWNLOAD MP3
  8. Downtown Remix (feat. Lasmid) || DOWNLOAD MP3
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