LYRICS: King Sammie – Ijoba Alagbada

Intro:- Banks I see you, started out from money ninu bank, then I hustled hard now there’s money in the bank!!!

CHORUS:- His excellency presido fun awon rappers
Name is not Lanre but won Teriba
Asofin fun igboro afi bi Lawmaker
Usain bolt lori track olohun won le Lemi Ba

Verse 1;- I’ve been fly from my birth like i was born in a Drone
Like it’s about to rain, stars dey fear when I Shone
I got a shout out from Terry but i nor dey sing Apala
Show my foes no mercy (messi) ehn ehn Paulo Dybala
Y’all want beef from me, elo duro di igba Sallah
Too many shots when I ball performances has been Stellar
I’m planting Cash Crops! My Tree Money
Married to the game. Ehn ehn! Peni Matrimony
I Run the streets oh, you go think say na Marathon
To make it to the throne, ishe yen gun gan na Marathon
Agbada lori gold shoe, mo gara Tan
YoruBAD-Boi, awon foot soldiers min Para Gan
Haters loud in my ears ejo ki Len so Gan Gan?
I ain’t even talking Kesh, kilon shele Gan Gan?
Black boy on a black label, eyan Jonnie Walker
Apase fun igboro awa lani Ijoba


Verse 2;- I’m detaining wack rappers and even Gareth can’t BALE (BAIL)
I was born to be a winner, so why should I Fail?
Like say em be numbers now, all dey do is Hate (8)
Contesting my issues oh, you go think say na Debate
Now I ball presidential Barack Obama
King sammie wole dey e gan pa Etin Rappers
Many Notes in my Galaxy, the boy use a Samsung
Church boy lighting up the keys but his name is not Samsong
I’m RUGGED to the core, cloud 9 na my MODE
When I’ll become a Legend? Niqqa me I’m on the Road
I wan become a Don, God abeg make me Healthy (ELDEE)
M Abaga with the ryhmes, haa! Flows mi Legendary
I’m So Sick (sossick) on the beat but I never met Dagrin
Shout out to banks, Dregg and Cheey’Z, haa! I feel you Geez
To become International rapper for this I grind and Pray
Sam I won’t be Loco (Local) Rip EFE


Verse 3;- can’t go Broke of flows, moti Pay my Dues
Too many styles, rap, reggae, pop motun shey Blues
CD mi Quality, I ain’t talking CDQ
Too many rappers behind me, shey you nor dey SEE THE QUEUE?

Outro:- that’s what’s up!!!!!
It’s king sammie, yelsz banks on this one
That’s how it is! Bless!!!!!



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