EP: Snoweezy Returns with Self-titled EP (Snoweezy the EP)

Multi-talented Nigerian entertainer Aderinoye Hassan Taiwo popularly known as Snoweezy returns with vigour in his latest self-titled EP, “Snoweezy The EP“.

Following the success of 2021 singles ‘Show Me Love‘ and ‘Senorita‘, Afrobeat artist Snoweezy stylishly re-emerges with his all new self-titled EP. Boasting track after track of spectacularly fiery and dance able sounds, Snoweezy has established himself a force to reckon with in the industry.

Listeners are promised a delectable journey throughout, from sensual opener ‘Show Me Love‘ and traditional Yoruban ‘Omo Balogun‘ (Interlude), to party anthem ‘Okoyoyo‘ and freestyle track ‘YYB (Freestyle)‘. With such a diverse range of themes and sounds, Snoweezy aims to celebrate life in general, emphasising that “life is meant to be lived freely and lived at the moment”.

‘Snoweezy’ marks a momentous return and a strong new release from this Nigerian artist – catch it on all streaming platforms below.


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