EP REVIEW: iTunesNG – Fresh Out Of Lagos (#FOOL)

Album – Fresh Out Of Lagos (EP) #FOOL

Artist – iTunesNG

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Genre – Hip-Hop/Rap

Tracks – 7

Year – 2017

Guests – Alaye Proof, Dhamxyz, AYMid, Iso Scent, Lyrical Sniper, Tobi Smallz, Dr Crude, AshRaph, Tony Phiiz, Mohbad, Chuk Skull, DTL, ALanz, Trigga, Cannyace, Rhymez Bobo, Sirlammz, Leke Lee, C Natty, I Cent, BODs

Producer – Dr Crude

Executive Producer – Wisdom “Spanzy” Igwe 

Facebook – Igwe Wisdom Spanzy

Twitter- @MadSpanzy

IG – @MadSpanzy

When one of the fast-rising entertainment blogs, out of Lagos (well .. how many ain’t in Lag, anyway ?), brings together a bunch of up-and-coming artists (OK, Dr Crude, who happened to produce the whole “Album,” said whe shouldn’t tag ’em upcomings.) So, let’s flip the word. When a fast-rising platform like iTunes.NG brings together a (not bunch again) handful of multi-talented artists, the result is usually Fresh Out Of Lagos EP.

Spanzy may not be an artist, but he sure knows which artists can make a compilation a Bang. Good taste for music. And, even though some of the regular faces on iTunesNG projects are missing, an EP with the likes of Cannyace, Rhymez Bobo, Tobi Smallz (he stopped using TPops ?), C Natty, Leke Lee and Chuk (wait … that’s not even all !), can’t be less than a BANG. Let me hear you scream BANG!!!! And the title, Fresh Out Of Lagos can’t be true-er. ‘Cos this a combo of songs from the fresh-est artists, the ones set to take over. In Jesus’ name. We can only wonder what a full Album, sort of a 19-track Album will look like.

As we wonder, here is a quick review of the EP. S/o to Donzeez for his contribution to this piece. Oya come make we go ?

INTRO – Trigga on the intro. Great suspense to start a super-duper EP, in full : Extended Play (and this is for all the Seyi Shay’s in the building!)

ACT UP – And, straight to Act Up – omo jára e òh. First feeling, this is a hip-hop track. Dr Crude delivers a mind-blowing (couldn’t find another word) hook. AYMid, Iso Scent, Dhamxyz and Alaye Proof blessed the track!

FONA LE – “Fòná lè, alayé tètè wa ‘bi gbà// Baddo lo wolé ti ‘yín, but I’m not from Bariga” Lyrical Sniper started on “Fona Le.” One of the hottest hip-hop jams I’ve heard in a while. AshRaph, Tobi, and Dr Crude (who also did the hook), jumped in and dropped some really hot verses. Wan’ tell me what real hip-hop is ? Ogbeni, fona le, ojere.

SHO GRAB – Sho Grab is yet, another “braggadocious” joint on the EP. Tony Phiiz comes in, hard! A mad hook follows, then Mohbad came in, too. Seriously, he’s bad. Then Chuk Skull came to do the benediction. Hawt!

SLAY MAMA – Then the Earmilk from the whole thang (!) followed. None other, but “Slay Mama.” DTL (ATT!!! He’s a real Wobey Child!), Dr Crude and ALanz formed an alliance to take shots at our “slay mommies.” DTL took the hook, after he delivered a hot verse. Dr Crude came on, in, hard. That line; “O n’ oun o fe ki ‘go table water fo,” cracked me up sha. And, when that crazy niqq ALanz said; “Gbogbo oyan yin l’oti sag yen,” omor, I couldn’t hold it anymore. These guys yaff spoil pátápátá (are you thinking what I’m thinking ?) Trigga did the “closing prayer,” with a skit. But, wait, Iya Awero too is fine. I swear. It depends on whether she used BeautyPlus or not.

MONEY – “Money” is that jam, about – what cha expect ? – MONEY, of course. With Rhymez, Cannyace and Sirlammz, this is another jam that made this EP worthwhile.


KAWOSOKE – Kawosoke talks ’bout who the boss is. Reminds me, of the fact that this whole album was “braggadociously” made. Alaye Proof, Cannyace and Leke Lee came, and f**ked sh*t up, too.

GRACE – On “Grace,” the vibe was switched up, to some Afro-ic RnB vibe. A song ’bout the “hustle,” it’s a “prayer prayer” song. This is the gospel hotspot of all the Kawosoke’s and Fona Le’s. A good way to bring the EP to a closure. C Natty did a frkn good job, I Cent and BODs completed the job tho, and made the track that song that’ll catch your attention, whenever you hear it, anywhere. Dr Crude’s production on this is as fresh as the vocals on it. Great stuff!

“Blessings, blessings, com’ an’ gi’ me blessings,” and that mo’ fuckin’ sh*t came to an end. Omor, this is what a real hip-hop album should look like. Bars, super productions, catchy hooks, overall great vibes. Don’t think any artist can compile this shii tho. Even A$AP Mob won’t feature 21 arts on a 7-track EP. And, just a short of one art on this project, well, let’s just thank Jah for the success of the stuff. Cool vibes. Good job, Spanzy, and the whole iTunesNG Team. Big ups!

Rating : 4.5/5 (Smoking Hot Like Kiliishi)

By Quasar, aka Quatunes NG, aka @quasARMiami (Twitter & IG)

Courtesy – Tyla Blaq






IG – @iTunesDotNG

Facebook – iTunesNG Media

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