#BBNaija 2018 Day 21: Housemates Get A Reality Check

After an eventful Live Show that saw the exit of Vandora, Dee-One, Princess and Bitto, the behaviour of the remaining #bbnaija housemates appears to have changed remarkably.

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Perhaps it was the shock or the fear that came along with the strikes that big brother had given to Khloe and K.Brule that led to their disqualification from the #bbnaija house, the Housemates appeared surprisingly very cool, calm and collected after the eviction of four of them.

The only #bbnaija Housemates who seemed truly saddened was Alex, BamBam and Ifu Ennada. For the others, it seemed there was some sort of stillness as everyone re-adjusted to the new vibe in the House.

Once the initial shock was over, things however soon surprisingly went back to normal faster than anyone would have thought, almost as if they were snapped back to reality.

The #bbnaija Housemates have been rather defiant towards the rules of the House since the game started but the aftermath of the eviction seemed to be a huge reality check for them.

Leo even stated that as soon as he heard the audience cheering for the different pairs during the Eviction announcement, that was the moment that it hit him that this is actually a game.

Cee-C on her part channelled her frustrations into another fight with Tobi, telling him that sometimes he acts in a way that is selfish and he does not consider her at all. Tobi stood his ground and said that he has never disrespected her, and this perhaps helped to douse the tension as things cooled down quickly after this.

Nina and Miracle had a conversation about everything that went down and they both came to the conclusion that there is no point in having a strategy, as everyone can see everything you do. They concluded that the best thing to do is to be yourself.

The stress that followed the eviction caused the #bbnaija Housemates to become hungry and as usual they all started cooking away in the Kitchen and were all laughing and shouting before long.

Ifu Ennada however looked quite tense as she appeared quiet all through the night and early morning, though all the others seemed to have shrugged things off. Some of the Housemates congregated in the bedroom, with Alex and Leo cosied up to one another, while Anto, Lolu and Teddy A were joking and laughing.

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