REVIEW: ‘Love, Damini’ becomes Burna Boy’s most streamed Album on Spotify

Burna Boy - 'Love Damini'

‘Love, Damini’ by Burna Boy has turned into his most streamed collection on Spotify.

Burna Boy - 'Love Damini'

Released July 8, 2022, as Burna Boy’s sixth collection, ‘Love, Damini’ has appreciated noteworthy achievement both locally and globally, particularly with the outcome of the lead single ‘Last’.

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‘Love, Damini’ has become Burna Boy’s most streamed collection on Spotify after it surpassed ‘African Monster’ released in 2019.

This accomplishment was made with the tremendous progress of ‘Last’ which has recorded more than 256 million streams and ‘For Your Hand’ accomplishment Ed Sheeran which has surpassed north of 161 million streams. There’s likewise ‘Its Bounty’ which has recorded north of 61 million streams.

‘Love, Damini’ is Burna Boy’s fourth collection in 5 years in a run that began in 2018 with his third collection ‘Outside’. The collection turned into his third back to back Grammy designation after ‘African Monster’ (2019) and ‘Twice As Tall’ (2020).

While ‘Love, Damini’ didn’t get a similar basic recognition as ‘African Monster’ and ‘Twice As Tall’, it has delighted in more business praise principally achieved by the worldwide progress of ‘Last Last’.

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