The proposed Oka Development Forum which was established by Hon. David Ajobiewe has been finally Launched at Oka Akoko in Ondo State.

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The proposed Oka Development Forum was Launched at the Town Hall. This Forum is aimed to move Oka Akoko to greater heights and sprout utter positive changes, It has to be different from what it used to be and over 3,200 copies of the forms has been distributed to members.

Those who graced this immense and remarkable Ceremony are Political Leaders, High Chiefs, Oba Olubaka’s representatives, Youth Leaders among others. They all came at large on Saturday to Launch the Oka Development Forum ( ODF).

Hon. David Ajobiewe has established this new Forum that exudes “SHEER HOPE”, to enable a transition that would have positive impacts in the lives of the people where they deserve to be. His vision is to transform the life’s of Oka Rufe, both the widows, aged ones , Orphanage children, students, farmers, market women. And also people facing health issues.

Hon. Ajobiewe is so passionate, that he wants to touch all facets of the Oka Akoko and the environs He has seen the needs for a positive change.

Hon David Ajobiewe had written in his letter to Kabiyesi, OBA Dr. YUSUF ADEBORI ADELEYE; Advocated for the formation of the forum which will serve as a way to move the community forward.

Present at the Forum launching were: Rev Cannon I Idowu, Hon Sunday OGUNMOLA, Hon Chief Dr Pius Gabriel, Chief Mrs Victoria Ayoko( YEYE oge of OKA land) High chief Patric Aroge( Asaolu of OKA kingdom) Barrister Olanike Alomaja, Hon S. B Aroge among many other prominent Oka rufe.

Speaking at the launching of ODF in Oka Akoko on Saturday, Hon Dr. Pius Gabriel said the “Forum was not launched to legitimise Ajobiewe legacies.” But for the development of our dear Land .

Hon pius appreciated the presence of all notable people across the Town and stressed that time has come and Youths should take the lead while the elders provide guidance in Oka Akoko. The way forward is NOW. Procrastination is the thief of time.

He said that the leadership of Akoko south west constituency should only be given to those who really have the interest of the Town at hearts. No paying of lip service.

Hon. Pius who is a board member and grand patron of the forum, said the time is now for Youthful politicians and other Youth leaders from across the town to take their destinies in their own hands and save Oka Akoko from collapse and dilapidation.

Hon David Ajobiewe, The founder of the forum, ODF… Launched the foundation with the sum of 3 Million Naira.

In his words, while addressing NTA news; He said: “Its good to give back to the society, not to talk of my own people, the motives of the forum is to transform the lives of people of OKA land. The 3 Million capital is just the beginning, as the forum start growing, consequently, I be pumping additional funds into the Forum’s account. We have established the Forum to give the chance to salvage the Town. We, the elders will only provide guidance, help and support. We will be doing these together to salvage Oka Akoko from total collapse. This is not a political party, at least for now. If it must turn into a political Party it must be the collective decision of all of us in the movement.

Hon SUNDAY OGUNMOLA in his remarks said sincere politicians like Hon David Ajobiewe are few in Oka Akoko.

What we have are those who just want to get to power, and they need just any political party”, he said.

He called out to the Youths to join the Forum and rescue the Town. It is a team work. Let’s get together and make our lives better.

He reiterated that the Youth’s would be the exco of the Forum because it is all about them. They are the Leaders of tomorrow.

The Forum according to Hon. OGUNMOLA seeks to promote and ensure socioeconomic development, growth of the Social Justice of Oka Akoko .

The OKA DEVELOPMENT FORUM seeks to promote and ensure Socio-economic development, improvement, growth, social justice, egalitarianism, cohesion, cooperation, equity, equality of opportunity, transparency, societal order, human security and human rights leading to OKA AKOKO unity and general well-being and welfare of all OKA RUFE a statement said.

Students union of ADEKUNLE Ajasin university( Akungba) were present at the occasion with full support to move the forum forward

Isese Cultural Group and Oka rufe cultural Group present at the occasion with a melodious and inspirational songs

Surprisedly, Korowa Forum happily presented an excellent award to Hon. David Ajobiewe for his remarkable contributions at the level of Empowerment in Akoko south west

Hon David Ajobiewe Dedicated the award to Almighty God, his late father Most special Apostle Vicent Ajobiewe and the entire wonder people of Oka land.

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