MI Abaga Tenders An Apology To Nigerians Over Insensitive Comment About South Africa’s AKA

MI Abaga has offered a statement of regret to Nigerians over the tweets he posted that got nearly everybody irate yesterday.

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It shows up clearly that MI was attempting to assume the job of a harmony creator after Nigerians assaulted South African rapper, AKA with words for his ‘support’ for the Xenophobic assault on Nigerians and different Africans by his nation individuals.

MI introducing himself as a harmony producer turned out poorly well with many individuals particularly when he attempted to tell Nigerians the amount AKA adores Nigeria.

Subsequently, Nigerians slammed MI and taunted his heartlessness. Be that as it may, a little more than 24-hours, the skilled rapper took to his Twitter page to delicate an expression of remorse just as give reasons why he believed that was the correct activity.

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He wrote; ” To everyone I offended yesterday I apologise. It is always the right time for healing. I hope we can begin to listen to each other and discuss real lasting solutions. I know I will

I have been insulted and threatened so much. And though a part of me wanted to turn to anger.. I know that it was a test for me to lead with love. We have to see past our hurt into our hearts.. and fight hatred with love

Last.. I pray that we will all have someone that will speak the truth on our behalf in spite of the repercussions. If I did so in error God will judge… But courage is being able to say no when everyone else says yes.. no matter the personal cost.

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